Exploring Auto Service Options

3 Restoration Tips For Older Cars

Older cars are great because they have a lot of history behind them. However, they may not be in perfect condition. In order to restore them, you can utilize these tips: Wax the Body In order to give your car that new shine it once had, you need to wax the body. First, you need to thoroughly clean your car's body with some soap and water. After getting off dirt and grime, you then need to move your car into the shade. Read More 

4 Facts You Should Know Before Taking Your Vehicle In For Collision Repairs

If your vehicle was recently damaged in an accident, getting your vehicle repaired at a ship like C B's Autotech Collision & Repair Centre Ltd will likely be at the top of your to-do list. However, before you take your vehicle in to be serviced, there are a few facts that you should know. Fact #1: You Are Never Required To Obtain More Than One Estimate For Your Repairs It is a common myth that you are required to obtain several different repair estimates in order to utilize any insurance coverage that you may have. Read More