Taking Care Of Your First Car: 4 Maintenance Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore

If this is your first car, you need to make sure that you give it the maintenance it needs. You might think that getting the oil changed on a regular basis is good enough. However, your car needs a great deal more attention than that. Here are four things you need to know about your car and the maintenance it will need.

Your Check Engine Light Is There for a Reason

If your car is equipped with a check engine light, you shouldn't ignore it. Your check engine light is designed to let you know when there are problems with your engine. Sometimes the check engine light just means that your fuel cap isn't installed properly on your car.

You can test that by taking the cap off and replacing it if the check engine light comes on. If the light goes off, that was the problem. However, if this doesn't fix the problem, you need to take your car to a certified mechanic as soon as possible. Driving your car while the check engine light is illuminated could result in severe engine damage.

Your Tires Need Proper Pressure

Your tires need to have the proper amount of pressure at all times. Proper tire pressure ensures a smooth ride, consistent wear of your tire tread, as well as improved gas mileage. If you have a tire pressure monitoring system on your car, you should check the tire pressure as soon as the light comes on. However, if you don't have TPMS on your car, you should check your tire pressure once a week. Your owner's manual will tell you how much air pressure you should have in each of your tires.

You Shouldn't Neglect the Other Fluids

When you get your oil changed, you should also be sure to check the levels for the other fluids in your car. Those include brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and radiator coolant. Failure to maintain proper levels of those fluids could result in serious problems for your vehicle. You can ask your service technician to check those fluid levels each time you have your oil changed.

You Should Never Ignore Brake Sounds

Your brakes are another maintenance issue that you should never ignore. Pay close attention to your brakes, including the way they feel and the sounds they make while you're driving. If your brakes begin to pull to one side, or you begin to hear a grinding or squealing sound coming from your brakes, you'll need to have them inspected as soon as possible.

Now that you have your first car, you need to make sure you take proper care of it. The tips provided here will prevent problems. 

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